COMMISSIONS: OPEN for communication and payment


“Extras” charges include: tattoos, detailed special fx, ornate jewelry/weaponry, and detailed outfit/armor

NOTE: I do charge revision fees. More info below under ‘THE WORKFLOW’

Commissioned work is intended for non-commercial use and cannot be used to earn profit (no logo designs, branding, merchandise, etc.). Commissions are for individuals who would like to have a personal illustration.

I will update you during each stage of completion (rough sketch, color choices, etc.) but you can request progress updates anytime. If you prefer me not to publish your commission on my social media, let me know. You are allowed to post your commissioned art anywhere, decorate your social media, use it as your icon, etc. Credit isn’t required, but greatly appreciated 🙂


  • Bust sketch commissions are paid 100% up front.
  • Half-body and bust painting commissions are 50% up front and the remainder paid after commission is completed.
  • All of my prices are in USD; check for conversion in your currency over at
  • I only accept payment in USD or equivalent to USD currency through PayPal, Google Pay (preferred), Venmo at


  • Up to 50% of the commission is refundable if you cancel it.
  • The refund amount is based on the artwork’s stage of completion (e.g. final drawing would be 50% but final drawing with some rendering will lower it to 25%)
  • If I have circumstances where I cannot complete your commission, I will let you know and you are entitled to a full refund.


  1. Send me a description and visual references of what you would like in your commission. I can work off of detailed descriptions, but visuals are highly preferred.
  2. After agreeing to a due date and payment total, part of payment or total must be made up front. I will not start the commission until the deposit or total is paid.
  3. I only accept up to 3 major revisions without charge during the rough sketch stage (different pose, outfit, design) and some minor revisions (small color tweaks, little design details, eye color) during the final drawing/color block stage. Additional fees will be charged if further revisions are wanted after the final drawing/color block stage and when the artwork is completed.
  4. If you paid in full, I will give you the high resolution image when I’m done. If you made a deposit, I will notify you when your commission is done with a low-res jpeg. You will receive your commission in high resolution after I receive the rest of payment.


These are just some ground rules, but I have the right to refuse any commission if I feel my skills are ill-suited and/or the content makes me uncomfortable


  • Fanart and OCs
  • Friends, family, significant others
  • Celebrities
  • Pets
  • Tattoo designs
  • Humanoid creatures
  • Tasteful nudity


  • Mecha and furry OCs (not my strong suit)
  • Comic pages/strips
  • Bigoted content
  • Political propaganda
  • Incest/pedophilia
  • Sexual content